RGB v1.0.2


RGB is a Tcl/Tk program that lets you quickly try different color combinations using the colors in the standard rgb.txt file found on most Unix machines or by using a custom list of colors in the same format.

To use the program, you can load the rgb.txt file directly from the command line with something like tclsh rgb.tcl rgb.txt. You can also just run the program without specifying anything extra on the command line and use the File/Open menu option to select the rgb.txt file.

After loading the rgb.txt file, the gui should look something like the screen capture above. You can then use the Up and Down arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly change the background color. The mouse works too, but it is not as fast.

You can then use the Edit/Apply to Background and Edit/Apply to Foreground menu items, to control whether the colors you select will be applied to either the foreground, the background, both, or neither. These menu items are check buttons instead of radio buttons because I wanted the ability to change both colors simultaneously effectively removing the text and leaving just the solid rectangle.

Keyboard accelerators have been set up for both menu items. Ctrl-B toggles whether the color will be applied to the background, and Ctrl-F toggles whether the color will be applied to the foreground.


If Tcl/Tk is already installed, just download the following files and run the rgb.tcl script and load the rgb.txt color database: If you are on Windows and do not have Tcl/Tk installed, just download the following executable, copy it to wherever you like, and run: