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This is the home page of the Java program HostConvert. It runs on any computer that supports Java 1.1. HostConvert was developed on Linux 2.0.30 using Java 1.1.1 from the Debian/GNU Linux distribution.

HostConvert is a graphical program for querying your Domain Name Server (a little like nslookup). You input a computer's name or IP address, and HostConvert returns with the IP address or computer's name respectively. While you wait, HostConvert keeps track of the time that has elapsed, and if you see you've made a mistake, simply type in the correct query and re-submit. HostConvert will automatically abort the previous submission and query your DNS with the current one.

The HostConvert Distribution

-- HostConvert was originally written by me, Paul Serice, who releases it into the public domain for others to use responsibly and at their own risk.